Monday, July 15, 2013

Forever Yours by Nicole Salmond: Book Review

Amazon Description:

Forever Yours is a journey about love and loss, two people from different walks of life united in unexpected circumstances. Life for Tristan was never dull, his celebrity status giving him more than he could ever have imagined, but his fame came at a price. His life was played out in the spotlight every day, and no matter how idolised and wanted he was, he couldn’t help but feel the torment of his loneliness. Stella was a no fuss kind of girl. She liked her boring life, her predictable future. She prided herself on her simplicity; no complications, no promises and definitely no relationships. A chance encounter leaves Tristan and Stella questioning everything they once knew. Feelings Stella had buried long ago were now all too real and now she was faced with a decision, a decision that forces her to face the painful secrets of her past, the secrets that changed her life forever.
My Review:
Forever Yours by Nicole Salmond is a love story like many others I have read. It starts off where a "Plain Jane" named Stella meets a celebrity where she works, but doesn't know just how famous this man is. She's attracted to Tristan, but his personality irritates her. Eventually they both are basically questioning who they are as individuals to determine if they should be together.
Let me begin by saying that I didn't hate this book, it just really irritated me. The beginning is so poorly written with conflicting statements every other paragraph that I didn't want to continue reading...but I did. About halfway through the book, the writing did get a little better but the storyline was still very predictable and the relationship between Stella and Tristan remained just like so many other "love" stories I've read.
When I went back to the Amazon page to read the description of this book, I noticed that Salmond has listed two editors for this novel. I honestly do not understand how two editors didn't pick up on some major weaknesses with the plot development in Forever Yours. There were portions of this book where it seriously dragged, and the most intriguing part (the twist) was rushed and I felt unsatisfied with the amount of information given. 
That all being said, the actual story of Stella and Tristan and what they went through is somewhat intriguing, it was just poorly executed. I saw the potential, which in my opinion means she just needs a really good editor who's not willing to hurt the author's feelings and tell her where she went wrong.
Overall, I give Forever Yours 2 1/2 stars.

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