Monday, August 12, 2013

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult: Book Review

Amazon Description:

One moment June Nealon was happily looking forward to years full of laughter and adventure with her family, and the next, she was staring into a future that was as empty as her heart. Now her life is a waiting game. Waiting for time to heal her wounds, waiting for justice. In short, waiting for a miracle to happen. For Shay Bourne, life holds no more surprises. The world has given him nothing, and he has nothing to offer the world. In a heartbeat, though, something happens that changes everything for him. Now, he has one last chance for salvation, and it lies with June's eleven-year-old daughter, Claire. But between Shay and Claire stretches an ocean of bitter regrets, past crimes, and the rage of a mother who has lost her child. Would you give up your vengeance against someone you hate if it meant saving someone you love? Would you want your dreams to come true if it meant granting your enemy's dying wish?

My Review:

I am kind of torn when it comes to Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. There are things I loved about the book and things I really hated.

First, I'll get the negative out of the way:

1. There are some elements of this book that are obvious rip-offs of The Green Mile to the point where I even checked to see if Stephen King sued Jodi Picoult. (He did not.)

2. The big plot twist was predictable and the character's reactions to the twist was INFURIATING because no decent person would react in such a way.

3. The lack of information on the crime that landed Shay Bourne on death row was disappointing.

The good aspects that kept me reading on were

2. I enjoyed the relationships that developed throughout the book, particularly between Shay and his lawyer.

3. This novel had me thinking about different religions which I always enjoy. While Change of Heart has a explores a few religions, it was always in a questioning manner and I never felt like any belief system was being shoved down my throat.

Overall, I don't think Change of Heart is Picoult's best novel, but it wasn't awful either so I rate it 3 stars.

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