Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Long Walk by Stephen King - Book Review

In The Long Walk by Stephen King, 100 teenage boys are chosen to walk what would be the last walk for 99 of them. The must walk at a pace of 4 miles per hour, if they fall below the pace or break any other rules, they are given a warning. They get three warnings and if they break the rules again, they are shot right on the road. They have a canteen of water that can be refilled any time and each day they're given a good concentrate. They can't stop for anything.

I read a Stephen King novel about once a year. I go through what's listed on Amazon, reading all of the descriptions and convince myself that this time I am going to like the book...and I am wrong every time. The Long Walk bothered me by the third chapter. Only walking 8 miles and people are already getting shot. These boys are not randomly selected they WANT to be on the walk for they want the prize money and gift at the end. Why wouldn't they train so they could at least make it as far as a half marathon?

The whole book is walk, whine, warning, and someone gets shot. You only get to know a few characters and only on a surface level. It's never enough to actually care when they are shot. The ending was no ending at all really. It was more like Mr. King just didn't feel like writing the book anymore- not that I can blame him for that.

I listened to the audiobook which probably made this book all the more painful. The narrator's change of voices were great but the impossibly slow pace made me wish for my "4th" warning!

I rate The Long Walk by Stephen King 1 star and wouldn't recommend anyone...ever.

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