Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hooked by Catherine Greenman - Book Review

Thea is just seventeen when she falls in love with Will and everything seems perfectly in place ith her upcoming graduation. hen she becomes pregnant, she chooses to have an abortion but can't go through with it and decides to keep the child.

I chose to read Hooked because I thought it would be a realistic look at what life is like when a seventeen year old decides to keep their child. It wasn't even close. The relationship between Thea and Will rings true as time goes on but I was disappointed that 290 pages didn't even begin to describe how hard it can be to raise a child.

There are a few problems that Thea had to face but the solutions were unrealistic and seemed to glorify a fantasy teen-pregnancy situation. I kept waiting for a real problem that her well-off parents wouldn't bail her out of -  but it never came. The solution that Thea comes up with to support her new family was so unrealistic it made me cringe.

Overall, I rate Hooked by Catherine Greenman 2 stars and I don't see myself recommending it.

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